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Malaysia is going to have its very first E! original miniseries called “Facing up to Fazura” which features Malaysian actress and TV host, Nur Fazura Sharifuddin.

Produced by Matchbox Asia, the 30 minutes miniseries will be a documentary drama on the personal and controversial life of the 31-year-old actress, Lipstiq Malaysia reported.

Also, this is the first E! miniseries to feature a personality from Malaysia. The series will be executive produced by Karen Higgins and it will explore Fazura’s life, loves, challenges, triumphs and joys in her everyday life.

The 5-part 30-minute original series is set to premiere across Asia and is scheduled to begin airing on 14 December 2014 at 9pm. The series will air weekly.

“I never imagined that anyone would be interested to showcase my life, let alone have a whole series planned around me for E! I feel so blessed and humbled at the same time,” said Nur Fazura to Lipstiq Malaysia.

The actress added, “I have always been a private person so having a reality show does make me a little nervous. I am showing everyone my world and I really hope they enjoy what they see.”

E! previously has produced local specials which feature other famous Malaysian personalities such as Lisa Surihani, Aaron Aziz and most recently Yuna, in her upcoming “E! News Asia Special: Yuna” which will premiere on 25 November 2014.

(Photo Source: lipstiq.com)