Martial arts actor Donnie Yen, who has been working tirelessly for the past year, admitted that he will only be free in December.

According to HK Headlines, the actor, who returned to Hong Kong on 27 October to promote his latest action flick “Kung Fu Jungle”, revealed that he has been spending all year touring all over the globe.

Donnie stated, “I had to film in New Zealand, then attend a premiere in London. Later I flew to Vancouver and back to Hainan.
“I had very little time with my family, and whenever I’m in Hong Kong, I wish to spend the most of my time with them,” said Donnie, who admitted that he had been taking his daughter to school and discussing about his children’s education with the teachers.
On the subject of his involvement in Hollywood director Michael Shamberg’s new movie “Noodle Man”, Donnie said, “The negotiations are almost finished, but there are still some details left to be discussed.”
However, Donnie added that he will not be able to film the new movie until after “Ip Man 3”, which will begin filming in March next year, concluded its production.
“Kung Fu Jungle” was released in theatres on 30 October 2014.
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