Hollywood director Renny Harlin admitted that he has learned a lot from working with Jackie Chan on the new movie, “Skiptrace”.

According to CRI News, Harlin, who was in Beijing promoting the movie with lead stars, Jackie Chan and Fan Bingbing, praised the actor for being the action comedy genius that he is.

“I thought I have learned everything about making movies, but working with Jackie has taught me new things,” said Harlin.
The director, whose credits include “Die Hard 2” and “The Legend of Hercules”, stated that Jackie has his own ideas when it comes to filming action scenes.
“His way of doing things and improvising action, he’s a comic genius, which everybody knows,” he said. “He will come up with something that you can add to the scene to make it more fun.”
“I am learning so much every day,” said Harlin.
Meanwhile, Jackie stressed that his career has not been affected by his son Jaycee’s recent drug arrest, though he did made a plea to the media to not report speculations so as not to hurt Jaycee’s mother Joan Lin’s feelings.
“Skiptrace”, which tells the story of a Hong Kong detective tracking down an American gambler on the run from creditors, is expected to hit the cinemas next year.
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