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At 18-years-old, Didi Astillah is Warner Music Malaysia’s new fresh talent who is planning on taking on the local music industry by storm with her new album, “Didi Astillah”.

Though her name may sound new to the local entertainment industry, Didi has actually been in the scene since she was just three.

Didi had dabbled in music with her sister, Bella Astillah when they were young. The siblings had then went on to produce a total of 10 albums made up of local children songs and nursery rhymes such as “Anak Kambing” and “Tom Tom Bak”.

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Young Didi with her sister, Bella Astillah.

However, Didi’s career did not halt there, as she joined several singing competitions such as “Idola Kecil” and “Kamilah Bintang”.

Furthermore, Didi also belonged to two different singing groups in her early teenage years; “Miracle 5” and “The BeeSings”.

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Didi used to belong in two groups; Miracle 5 and The BeeSings.

Taken on by Warner Music Malaysia last year when Malaysian composer LY discovered her talent during an audition he conducted, Didi has finally made her big debut with her album entitled, “Didi Astillah” that is made up of six songs.

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Didi’s first album, “Didi Astillah”

In a recent interview with TheHive.Asia, Didi disclosed details of her life as a young musician and her journey as Warner Music Malaysia’s latest catch.

Can you tell us a bit about your new album, “Didi Astillah”
The album consists of six original songs with three of the songs created by Malaysian composer, uncle LY and the other was composed by Indonesian composer, Posan Tobing. Also, one of the songs from the album, “Fikirkan Kamu” is already on YouTube.

Among the songs in the album, which one you think is the most popular?
Well, among the songs, the one that we are trying to push now is “Fikirkan Kamu”. The song received quite a good response from listeners and they are mostly teenagers. I think this is due to the beat, genre and meaning of the songs. Plus the lyrics are easy to memorise because they keep on repeating the same thing over and over again.

Why did you decide to release an album instead of a single?
Even though I did release an album, but Warner and I decided to focus on pushing one song first. Maybe after this we would give more focus on the other songs, but in the meantime, we want to pay full attention on “Fikirkan Kamu”.

The official video of “Fikirkan Kamu”

Among the songs in the album, one of the songs is in English. Why did you decide to include an English song in the album?
Probably because uncle LY wanted to try something different. The song is called “I Love You So” and it is sung in English from the start until the end. There is also another song which is a bit different than the others which is, “Lalala Aku Jatuh Cinta”. This song got a good response among the middle-aged listeners probably because of the jazzy beat and salsa-like music.

Currently your songs are composed by someone else, do you plan on composing your own songs soon?
I have thought about it before, but I really don’t like writing lyrics because I heard that to write lyrics, you need gather the right emotions and feelings. I have never tried it yet, but maybe I’ll consider it in the near future.

Didi Astillah is not a new name in this industry and all this time you have been acting and dancing, but still, not many know your name. Why is that?
It is funny because I have been active since I was 3. During that time, I sang children songs with my sister Bella Astillah when we were young. Even now when I post my old videos on Instagram, many people of my age would recognize me from back then.
Aside from singing I have also been acting since I was young. By the age of 12, I joined a singing competition called “Idola Kecil” and after that I joined another one called “Kamilah Bintang”. However, after that I didn’t join any other competition because I’ve been focusing on my acting career. The reason for why I’m still not known is probably because my time has not arrived yet.

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Who knew that sweet Didi Astillah is quite experience in the music industry?

Before this, you used to be in two music groups. Are you still actively involved with them?
Sadly, no. The first group that I had joined was ‘Miracle 5’ consisting of five girls. We used to sing at a lot of shows but the group did not last long. After that, I entered another group called ‘The BeeSings’. For this group, we used to do a lot of cover songs and we even released two singles. But now, it is difficult for all of us to get back together and meet since each of them now their own careers now.

“Pujaan Malaya” by Miracle 5 
One of The BeeSings original songs, “Luar Biasa”

So, how did you join Warner Music? Who approached you?
I joined Warner Music last year. That time uncle LY held a singing competition to look for new talents. I entered the competition and was chosen by him to be the new Warner artiste.

Are you saying that you have always wanted to be a singer since you were young?
Yes, from a young age I have always loved singing, acting and dancing.

What actually inspires you to be a singer?
When I was three, my whole family moved to Kuala Lumpur because my sister Bella entered a singing competition in Sabah called “Bintang Kecil” and was offered to go to Kuala Lumpur.
Of course I was there too, when the producer saw me he suggested to my mom, ‘why don’t we let the younger one join too?’ At first my mom refused because I was still young and I barely knew how to read, let alone sing. But the producer insisted on it and suggested to put me on trial for one month by letting me listening to the song, “Anak Kambing”.
So, in a month my mom did let me listen to “Anak Kambing” for a whole month. After one month, right before the recording session, I managed to sing the song perfectly. So everything started from that point, if I didn’t manage to sing the song “Anak Kambing” I probably wouldn’t be here today.

One of the children songs, “Tom Tom Bak” sang by Didi and Bella Astillah

Let’s say if you didn’t become a singer today, what do you think you would be?
Singer. No matter what, I will always try to sing and find my way to be a singer. It does not matter if I have a horrible voice, I still want to sing. That’s just how much I love singing.

Who is your music idol?
In Malaysia, I would say Stacy but not because she is a Sabahan like me, because even if she’s not, I would still love her. The reason that I admire her is because she can sing and dance. She can also sing different genres of music such as the fast paced ones and even the ballads at ease. But most importantly, she has a lovely voice. I also really admire Agnes Monica, Cher Lloyd and Ariana Grande.

If you are given the chance, who would you like to duet with?
It wouldn’t be Stacy because we used to duet back in the show “Kamilah Bintang”. Maybe Dato Siti Nurhaliza, but I think it would be impossible considering that our styles are so completely different. However, I do love songs that have a little bit of hip-hop beats and some rap. So, if I have the chance to do so, I would really love to collaborate with the local rappers such as Joe Flizzow, SonaOne or Altimet.

What about your acting career?
The last time I acted was just this year, where I became a host for a show. I went to Sarawak for the shoot. The show is sort of similar to “Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan” and after that, I joined Warner. But this doesn’t mean that I will quit acting, I just want to put more focus and attention towards my music career.

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Not only that she is a great singer, Didi is also quite active in acting when she was young!

Between acting and singing, which one do you enjoy better?
I love both of them, but I guess I prefer singing more. This is because I find that acting can be a hassle because there will be long hours shooting which can end only late at night and it is tiring. Singing is much easier and faster.

Thank you for talking to TheHive.Asia, all the best in your future endeavors!
You’re welcome and thank you so much for everything!