While the Occupy Central protest is still going strong, it was rumoured that a new group of Netizens has recently been formed to attack and boycott Hong Kong stars who are showing their support for the movement.

According to a report on Hk Top Ten, this group of internet commentators, reportedly created by the Chinese propaganda ministry, is discrediting any stars who are supporting the movement as traitors, and urged the public, as well as the Chinese media, to boycott their works.

Among celebrities that were named in the boycott include Tony Leung (Chiu Wai), Chow Yun Fat, Anthony Wong (both Wong Chau Sun and Wong Yiu Ming), Nick Cheung, Paul Wong, Michelle Chen, Denise Ho, and China’s number one critic, Chapman To.
The group, however, was full of praises for action star Jackie Chan, who made a patriotic comment urging the public to return to their senses and face the future together.
Hearing the rumours of such boycott, Anthony, who is currently on location in mainland China to film TVB’s “Lord of Shanghai”, gave his response on Facebook. “If I have to betray my dignity for your bowl of rice, I am sorry, but that bowl costs too much. My family and I cannot afford it!”
Stressing that they are artistes with conscience and not beggars, Anthony stated that he has no issue with mainlanders, but was only supporting the One Nation, Two System model.
Meanwhile, Chapman joked that such boycott is not something new to him, and has no interest to give his response.
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