Charlie Yeung has no plans to retire anytime soon, despite residing in Singapore to be with her husband, Khoo Shao Tze, whom she married last year.

According to a report on HK Top Ten, the actress, who recently spoke with TVB’s “Star Talk”, stated that while she has not taken any job since her marriage, it does not mean that she has decided to stop taking jobs forever.

“I have actually received a lot of scripts this year,” said Charlie. “But of course, family will always comes first.”
“I am 40 this year, and at this stage of my life, I want to get married and start a different journey with my other half, create our own family and learn new things together,” she said.
Charlie stressed that her husband always encourages her to continue doing the things she likes, especially movies. She also visits her family in Hong Kong every month despite living in Singapore with her husband.
In the meantime, Charlie can be seen in upcoming “Kung Fu Jungle” alongside martial arts actor Donnie Yuen, Wang Baoqiang and actress Bai Bing.
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