Hong Kong actor Chapman To recently fired back at Wong Jing with a post addressing the director’s previous decision to remove Anthony Wong, Denise Ho, and himself from his social network account due to their differences of opinion in regard to the Occupy Central Movement.

As reported on On CC News, the actor recently wrote a 1000-word post on his Facebook, criticising the director whom he believed supported the Central Government due to monetary reasons.

Chapman alleged that Wong was afraid to anger the mainlanders due to the box office profits he made from the mainland market, saying that not everybody focuses only on Hong Kong market like Chapman himself.
Mentioning his absence in “From Vegas to Macau 2”, Chapman stated, “I starred alongside Chow Yun Fat in the original movie, which earned RMB 600 million at the box office in China, which is the highest box office earning Wong has ever taken.”
“With the sequel, the cost was greatly improved and my pay check was also doubled. But then I showed my support to Taiwan’s anti-trade protest, resulting to my abandonment before the shooting began. Our relationship has not changed, because I understand that others have their difficulties as well and should not blindly support me,” said Chapman.
However, he speculated that Wong has invested a lot of money into “From Vegas to Macau 2”, which will be released on Lunar New Year 2015, and would not risk the movie’s success by showing support to pro-democracy.
The actor ended his post saying that Wong Jing has treated him well in the past and gave him a lot of acting jobs that enabled him to buy his own property from the money he made through Wong’s movies.
He also wished the Hong Kong director a good health and great box office success for his new movie.
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