Cecilia Cheung has recently debunked rumours saying that she was devastated with the news of Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong’s romance.

Previously, a source claimed that Cheung’s health has been deteriorating ever since news about her ex-husband’s reconciliation with his former girlfriend made headlines.

The source alleged that Cecilia has flown to Japan for a solo vacation to calm her mind, but ended up crying in her hotel room every night and turned to alcohol to ease her pain.
However, Cecilia’s representative has dismissed such rumours, according to Mingpao News.
In a statement issued on 15 October, the representative stated that the reports were unfounded, and were presented with inconsistent facts.
The company also stressed that they have the right to pursue legal action on the basis of defamation of character, and demanded the deletion of such articles.
(Photo source: europe.chinadaily.com.cn)