Carina Lau has no problem returning to TVB if she gets to work with senior actress, Liza Wang.

According to Mingpao News, the award-winning actress recently appeared for a recording of TVB’s programme “Queen Feast” with Liza, and revealed that the “Wars of In-laws” actress has been a great influence on her.

“Liza is a representative of the TV industry, and I am always eager to cooperate with her,” she said.

Carina also added that she has no problem participating in a TVB drama, as long as she gets to work with the 67-year-old diva.
When asked about Nicholas and Faye’s rekindled romance that has been making headlines in the media, Carina, one of Faye Wong’s best friends in the industry, stated that she has yet to meet up with the singer due to her hectic schedule.
“She must be very ‘intoxicated’ right now, so I don’t want to disturb her,” she joked.
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