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Get ready stargazers because there will be a total eclipse of the full moon in Malaysia tonight and this will be the second time of the year that Malaysian skies is treated with such sight!

The first eclipse happened on 15 April 2014. An eclipse happens when the Earth, sun and moon is perfectly aligned with the moon hiding behind Earth in its umbra.


The lunar eclipse will appear reddish during the process thus earning the title ‘Blood Moon’ eclipse. Eclipses usually occur two or three times per year.

The reason the moon turns red is because during the lunar eclipse, the Earth will pass between the sun and the moon where the moon will reflect sunlight scattered in the Earth’s atmosphere, the light is bent, or refracted, taking on a red hue, thus appeared reddish.

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According to Says, the total ‘Blood Moon’ eclipse will be in its full glory in Peninsular Malaysia tonight at 7pm and it will last for approximately 20 minutes. However, the lunar eclipse will start an hour earlier in East Malaysia, so do not miss it!

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