Actress Barbie Liu revealed that she is currently on a training regime to prepare herself for Stephen Chow’s new movie, “Mermaid”.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actress, who attended a promotional event for a Cable reality show, revealed that she is attempting to shed seven to eight pounds off before filming begins.

“I want to get myself into shape so I would be able to move like a mermaid with ease,” she said.
Asked if she has been confirmed for the upcoming movie, Barbie admitted that she has received the work notice and has saved the dates on her schedule.
“The character is still unknown as everything must be kept confidential,” she enthused, adding that she has already signed a confidentiality agreement during the previous audition.
Asked if she was worried about accidentally spilling the information to the public, Barbie admitted, “Of course, I am. I hope everybody would assist me with this. I am fully prepared for the job.”