Due to their aggressive support for the Occupy Central movement, it was recently rumoured that Anthony Wong, Chapman To, and Denise Ho may be facing at least one year ban from mainland Chinese TV stations.

According to Mingpao News, an inside source from a mainland TV station claimed that the station’s chief editor has recently received a notice saying that they have been prohibited from  promoting the three stars, and are prohibited from broadcasting any programmes of any forms that include them.

The source alleged that the duration of the ban is tentatively scheduled for immediate effect for at least a year, depending on their performance. It was rumoured that the three stars were the only ones who will be banned for the time being due to the aggressiveness of their support, with one of them having even visited the site of the protest to show support.
When asked to address the rumours, most of the mainland TV stations stated that they have yet to receive such an order.
However, a TV staff claimed that the top management has only received verbal communication for the time being.
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