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China 3D Digital Entertainment recently fired one of its managers, Polly Leung, after actress Anita Yuen revealed her scams.

According to Phoenix News, Leung, who had been in charge of managing China 3D artistes’ work, reportedly embezzled a seven-figure sum from Julian Cheung.

Leung was speculated to have been using Julian’s fame for her own purposes, and even used his name to obtain a large number of bakery coupons used to bribe media outlets.
While the actor was oblivious to her actions, his wife Anita, who manages the family’s finances, was the one who realised that the numbers did not add up.
Reportedly, both Anita and Julian initially wanted to call the police, but decided to let her off the hook when Leung claimed that she was pregnant. However, it was later revealed that she lied about her pregnancy, prompting Anita to report the case to China 3D CEO, Stephen Shiu Jr.
Asked how much money Leung cheated off him, the actor replied, “It didn’t amount to millions of dollars. We’ll let the company handle the case.”
In related news, it was recently reported that actress Irene Wan was also a victim of Leung’s scam, and that she used the same pregnancy excuse to avoid arrest.
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