Taiwan’s artiste manager and TV producer, Angie Chai, has recently stepped forward to clarify rumours of her supposed involvement in bribery.
Previously, a gossip blogger uploaded a series of photos showing the CEO of Comic Ritz International Production and her manager Lu Xiaojia’s travelling documents, which have been officially sealed by the People’s Procuratorate of Jilin Province.

It sparked speculation that Angie has been banned from travelling outside the country due to her connection in a bribery case that involves China’s state broadcaster, CCTV.

According to Mingpao News, the manager, who flew back to Taiwan from Malaysia, has recently held a press conference in Taipei to clarify her position.
She admitted to have played a mediator in buying Taiwanese and mainland dramas for broadcasts, but added that she had neither sold it at a higher price, nor knew anybody at CCTV for bribery to take place.
Angie also said that earlier reports saying that she is involved in the case, rather than her actual role as a witness, has injured her personal and corporate reputations.
“I am willing to cooperate with the investigation, but there is no way for me to do so by staying in mainland China for three months. I am not afraid of anything. It’s just that I am responsible for my business and can’t just leave it like that,” she said.
Angie also said that she is worried the issue will affect her other works, seeing that she is one of the producers for “Tiny Times 4” and “Cafe. Waiting. Love”, and is currently in negotiation to co-produce Giddens Ko’s new movie, “Kung Fu”.  
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