Tiffany Chen, producer and wife of China Star Chairman Charles Heung, has recently given her ultimatum in regard to an online article about actor-turned-filmmaker Stephen Chow – either he makes his clarification about the article publicly, or she will take further action, according to Tencent Entertainment News.

Previously, the film producer expressed her anger over an online article written by a self-proclaimed old fan of Stephen, which detailed the ups and downs of the director’s life and career.

In the 50,000-word article, the writer mentioned that Stephen’s application to migrate to Canada was rejected twice back in 1993 and 1996, due to his association in the early ’90s with Charles Heung, who was believed to have ties with the Hong Kong triads.
It was also alleged that Charles had threatened potential investors from investing in Stephen’s project “Shaolin Soccer”, which later turned out to be a big comedy hit.
Tiffany, who earlier admitted to being extremely furious with the article, recently stated, “I have requested Stephen to give his explanation publicly to the media within ten days and prove that the article has nothing to do with him. I have to give him a chance. But if he doesn’t want to take it, don’t blame me.”
“My PR has discussed this with him on the phone. Even if this is not his doing, he must clear it all up, and not in private. And he better not call an assistant to do the deed,” said Tiffany.
On the other hand, the producer has also received online attacks from Stephen Chow’s fans, who said that she was blindly blaming Stephen for an article that was written by somebody else.
To this, Tiffany said, “If that’s so, why is he so nervous and wanted to clear it up with me privately?”
A few hours later, the producer turned to her social network account yet again, and asked others not to meddle in the issue, as it only concerns her family and the filmmaker.
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