New York’s BAMcinématek, which is part of the multi-arts centre of Brooklyn Academy of Music, recently revealed that they will be holding a film retrospective for comedy genius, Stephen Chow.

As reported on ECNS News, David Reilly, a programmer of BAM, revealed that they decided to hold the programme for Stephen Chow due to their love of his works.

“We thought his films are very accessible to a large and diverse audience, and we have a very young audience here at BAM,” he was quoted saying.
“While a lot of people are familiar with Stephen’s “Kungfu Hustle” and “Shaolin Soccer”, American audience are less familiar with his earlier works. Thus, we believe that people will love watching the rarer films playing in the series,” he said.
The retrospective, entitled “Stephen Chow: The King of Comedy” will feature eight of his most iconic work, and will be running from 6 to 12 October.
Some of these movies are “Justice, My Foot!”, “The God of Cookery”, “Journey to the West”, and “A Chinese Odyssey: Part 1 & 2”.
Meanwhile, Andrew Chan, the marketing manager at BAM who co-programmed the series, believed that people who are interested in screwball comedy of the 30s and 40s will enjoy the filmmaker’s past works.