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Tiffany Chen, Star Entertainment producer and wife of Hong Kong film boss Charles Heung, recently expressed her anger towards an article about Stephen Chow that she believed had slandered her husband.

As reported on Mingpao News, back in April, an online article was written by a self-proclaimed Stephen Chow fan, claiming to give an accurate detail about the actor-producer’s life.

In one part of the 50,000 words article, it was mentioned that Stephen’s immigration applications to Canada in 1993 and 1996 were rejected by the Canada Immigration Department due to his movie collaborations with Charles Heung, the founder of China Star Entertainment Group, who reportedly has ties with the Hong Kong mob.
It also stated that Charles Heung had threatened to make an enemy out of anybody who wanted to invest in Stephen Chow’s project, “Shaolin Soccer”, when it was still in the making.
Mrs. Heung, who had just read the article when it was published yet again through the platform of “Art Western District”, stated that she and her husband were extremely angry after reading the article.
“My husband usually laughed off inaccurate rumours no matter how much it hurts but this time, it really made him furious,” said Mrs. Heung.
Though the director himself said that he has nothing to do with the article and would like to call the Heungs and apologise, Mrs. Heung still blamed him for the article, saying that it is impossible for the writer to present such detailed article about him, which include personal photos that even the media may not have, without Stephen’s own consent.
She also said that she has to protect her husband due to the defaming nature of the article.
“I am not afraid of angering Stephen Chow. He has not treated me like a friend, so I must show the world his true self even more,” she said.
She went on to say that Charles Heung has already become a chairman of a publicly traded company in 1997 and often travelled to mainland China, which would be impossible if he has ties with the triads.