Beauty queen-turned-actress Sisley Choi has been romantically linked with one actor to another since joining the industry, which is why her closeness to her “Breaking the Line” co-star Him Law sparked negative rumours.

As reported on Hong Kong’s On CC News, the actress allegedly has taken a liking to the actor, who is currently dating TV Queen, Tavia Yeung, and openly flirted with him on the set of the upcoming series.

According to a source, the newcomer was already warned about getting involved in Him and Tavia’s relationship, but has chosen to ignore it and continue to pursue the actor.
However, when asked to address the rumour, Sisley, who was filming an outdoor scene at the Sunny Bay station recently, denied being a third party in the couple’s relationship, saying, “I understand that this kind of rumours will emerge when filming starts.”
Sisley also said that she often met Tavia Yeung in the make-up room and has already clarified the rumours to her. 
“She knows the truth,” said Sisley.
When asked if the two of them will keep their distance now, Sisley said that she and Him Law treat each other as friends and will not let the rumour affect them. 
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