Pulau Ketam residents want locals and tourists alike to know there is more to the quaint island than just seafood, and they are doing it in the most artistic way possible – by holding an arts festival of course. [Top Photo Credit: vstyle.pinkdol.com]

Pulau Ketam 2014 Malaysia International Arts Festival will be held from 12 to 21 September. Throughout the ten days, there are 40 artists, hailing from seven countries, who will be exhibiting and creating their artwork in different corners of the island.

Cameras are allowed, which means visitors are permitted to take pictures of the arts showcased to their hearts’ content. Visitors can also converse with the artists and find out more of their creative process. Other activities lined up for the festival include art camp for kids, photography exhibitions and installation art workshops.
When hunger takes over, visitors need not fret, there are plenty of food to fill up a rumbling stomach. Some famous local food include oyster omelette, fried ice cream and of course, a variety of fresh seafood to choose from.
Enjoy the local scenery by strolling leisurely, or rent a bike for RM5 and enjoy the breeze while cycling.
To get to the island, take the KTM from KL Sentral to Pelabuhan Klang. After reaching the last station, a five minute walk will lead visitors to the jetty nearby. Hop on a ferry, with a fare of RM7, and within half an hour, visitors will be enjoying the arts festival at Pulau Ketam.