People come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our favourite celebrities. These plus-sized celebrities have proved that with talent and hard work, one will surely get recognised, making nothing impossible enough to achieve anything.

Let’s check out some of these celebrities who are successful for being just as they are and create wonders in our local industry with their acting, singing, hosting and their own personal businesses.

1. Afdlin Shauki


Real name, Afdlin Shauki Aksan born in 19 May 1971 also known as Chief Kodok, is one of the most talented local comedians known in Malaysia. Other than his profession as a super hilarious comedian, he is also a writer, director, stage and screen actor, singer, songwriter and TV presenter.

Afdlin is mostly known for being the host for the Malaysian prestigious music awards, Anugerah Industri Muzik Awards (AIM) for six years running. Other than that, he has also hosted game shows, sports, music and lifestyle programmes. In 1999, Afdlin received the award for the Best Presenter in an Entertainment Programme at the Asian Television Awards.

Furthermore, he is also known for his wonderful acting performance in the romance film “Soal Hati” which he acted alongside Erra Fazira and Anuar Zain and was honoured with a Best Actor award at the Anugerah Skrin Panca Delima Awards in 2000.

His critically acclaimed bittersweet comedy film, “Papadom” also won various awards at the 22nd Malaysian Film Festival 2009 which includes Best Original Story, Best Actor and Best Film and Best Music Score. The film for which he acted with Liyana Jasmay also won Couple With Best Chemistry at the Shout Awards of 2010.

The 43-year-old actor is currently one of the members of the comedy duo, Boboi in “Maharaja Lawak Mega”. He is now also involved with the television show “Super Spontan 2014” with Adlin Aman Ramli.

2. Adibah Noor


Known for her powerful voice, Adibah Noor Mohamed Omar who used to work as an English teacher for two years, is now a singer, actress, emcee, voiceover and ad talent. She is best known for her song “Terlalu Istimewa” which won Best Vocal for the Anugerah Juara Lagu ke-21 and overall champion for Hits 1 RTM.

Moreover, Adibah is the ambassador for The Store Malaysia and she is very active in her acting career where she has thus far appeared in numerous commercials and films. Some of her notable films are “Sepet”, “Gubra”, “Mukhsin” and “Talentime” which are all directed by the late-Yasmin Ahmad.

Not only that, Adibah is also one of our industry’s most creative and talented television host. She has hosted several programmes including “Anugerah Industri Muzik”, “Bintang Mencari Bintang”, “Super Spontan” and more. Currently Adibah is an active radio host on Suria FM with Halim Othman in her morning show segment “Ceria Pagi Suria”.

3. Syanie


One of the most-loved contestant of the Malaysian reality cooking show competition, “Malaysian Celebrity Masterchef” is none other than the super adorable Syanie.

Syanie is an actress and a comedian, she is widely known since the 90s where she had become one of the main leads in the all time favourite local children drama series , “Cili Padi”.

Syanie is usually portrayed as a comical and hilarious character as she has appeared and acted in multiple comedy films such as “Senario The Movie”, “Senario Lagi”, “Lagi Lagi Senario”, “Gila Gila Pengantin”, “Biar Betul” and others.

Also, Syanie is the daughter of local film and drama producer Hajah Ruhani Rahman from Nizarman Productions. She recently ended her eleven years of marriage with her ex-husband, Nadi Putra last March.

4. Enot

IMG 1272

35-year-old Alliza Abdullah or Enot, is one of the most popular female comedians of Malaysia. She started her acting career in 2000 through her comedy film, “Mat Despatch” directed by her uncle, Rashid Sibir.

Her name started to rise in the industry when she appeared in her very own drama entitled, “Enot” which is how she got her nickname, Enot. Her drama received positive acclaim from the viewers and spawned a sequel of the series. She received the award for Actor with the Most Expectation at the 2003 Screen Awards.

Not only a talented actress and comedian, Enot is capable of dancing too as seen in the programme, “Sehati Berdansa”. Furthermore, Enot is also one of the juries of the programme, “Raja Lawak” where she hosted several TV programmes with Didie Alias back in 2010.

Enot is also a former contestant of “Malaysian Celebrity Masterchef” whose specialty is making dessert. She launched her own cookie brand called “Enot Cookies” in 2007. Unfortunately, Enot is now suffering from phase two intestine cancer. Hopefully she will recover soon.

5. Dina Nadzir


First appearing in the 2004 reality singing competition “Malaysian Idol”, Dina won first runner-up for the first season of “Malaysian Idol”. A singer with an astounding voice, she previously became the champion of the Annual World Championships Of Performing Arts in Los Angeles twice.

Born in Johor Bahru, Dina now resides in Kuala Lumpur where she studies Art Management at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UITM). Famous for her song, “Cinta Datang Lagi”, Dina is currently a radio host for Era.FM