Apple finally launches its long-awaited wearable gadget, the Apple Watch. As is per norm when it comes to Apple products, the Watch’s design is nothing but sleek and eye-catching.
Understandably, with the various photos that are cropping up online, each showing an Apple Watch varying in design and looking prettier than the last, the crowd is losing count of just how many Apple Watch designs are really available.

Fret no more, let us help you out with this easy-to-understand breakdown:

Collections: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sports and Apple Watch Edition
Comes in 18 choices. [Photo credit:]
Apple Watch 
– The standard Apple Watch
– Finishes: i) Standard stainless steel
                  ii) Space Black stainless steel
– Display is covered in sapphire crystal (added protection)
The colourful bands are made of fluoroelastomer. [Photo credit: Mashable composite]
Apple Watch Sports
– The one for active users
– Finishes: i) Silver anodized aluminium
                  ii) Space Gray anodized aluminium
– Display is protected with strengthened Ion-X glass
An upscale version perfect for formal dinners and meetings. [Photo credit: Mashable composite]
Apple Watch Edition
– The premium design for fahionistas and business professionals
– Finishes: i) 18-karat Yellow gold
                  ii) 18-karat Rose gold
– Display is covered in polished sapphire crystal
– Available designs: yellow gold case with black sport band (42 mm), yellow gold case with midnight blue classic buckle (42 mm), rose gold case with white sport band (38 mm and 42 mm), yellow gold case with bright red modern buckle (38 mm) and rose gold case with rose gray modern buckle (38 mm).
Sizes: 38mm or 42mm
The two different face sizes available.
Faces: 11 designs (Chronograph, Color, Modular, Timelapse, Solar, Astronomy, Motion, Utility, Mickey Mouse, Simple, Photo)
There are 11 designs to choose from. [Photo credit:]
Bands: Six styles with various colour options (except for Milanese Loop)
The 6 styles of Apple Watch bands in different colours. [Photo credit:]
Link Bracelet 
– Stainless steel, Space Black stainless steel
Sports Band
– White, Black, Blue, Green, Pink
Leather Loop
– Stone, Bright Blue, Brown 
Classic Buckle
– Black, Midnight Blue
Modern Buckle
– Soft Pink, Brown, Blue, Bright Red, Rose Gray
Milanese Loop
– Stainless steel
The Leather Loop bands.

The Modern Buckle and Classic Buckle bands.
Below are our Top 5 Choices for the Best Apple Watch designs:

The red modern buckle and yellow gold casing define perfect elegance.
The dark colours make it looks somber but the smooth design softens the look.
Perfect for office wear.
Perfect for casual outings.
The cute colour makes it pop.