Just four months after their sixth anniversary, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are ready to call it quits. Well, Carey is ready to end the marriage but looks like Cannon hasn’t gotten the memo.

He went on a Twitter rant, vehemently denying any “trouble in paradise” and even proclaiming his undying love to his wife.
Either Carey doesn’t go on Twitter or she just loves dishing out divorce papers on the sly. The “You’re Mine” singer is reported to have started the divorce process even as Cannon carried on with his tweet rampage.
Rumors of the couple’s rocky marriage started when Cannon was found out to be living in hotel rooms instead of the Bel Air mansion they share. Later, news of the couple selling their house lead to speculations that the two were indeed splitting. Recent photographs of the couple taken separately, both without their wedding rings, strengthen the speculations.
One does not simply take off rocks that big without reasons.
44-year-old Carey and 33-year-old Cannon tied the knot on 30 April 2008, after two months of dating. The couple’s relationship has lasted longer than expected. Most put their money down for 2 to 3 years tops, but the couple surprise everyone by lasting at least 6 years – even with Carey’s purported diva attitude and Cannon’s infidelity.
Carey has never addressed their split directly, with Cannon taking the evasive route as well. However, the latter did drop hints in interviews, never directly answering questions of his wife and instead only replying he was always going to put his children first.
Carey and Cannon are blessed with a pair of fraternal twins, Monroe and Morocco. Though lately the 3-year-olds have been spotted more with their mother than their father – guess that’s an indicator of who’ll win custody after the divorce.
The whole family seen here on a happier day.