Following allegations made by Tiffany Chen saying that Nicholas Tse has not been a good father to his sons, the actor’s manager recently stepped up to clarify the actor’s position.

As reported on Oriental Daily, previously, the China Star producer disclosed that she has talked to Nicholas’ ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung, who lamented about his failure to spend more time with his children, Lucas and Quintus.

Cecilia’s woes came after reports of Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong’s reconciliation made headlines.
However, Nicholas’ manager Mani Fok recently defended the Hong Kong star, saying that he has been working so hard to prepare the best future for his sons.
“He hopes to earn more money for them,” she said.
Mani explained the reason for Nicholas’ failure to celebrate his birthday with his sons, saying, “Nicholas had wanted to take a break, but he was called last minute to film “Chef Nic” when a vendor in Chengdu could not postpone to another date. That’s how he missed celebrating it with his sons.”
The manager said that she understood Cecilia’s wishes that the actor would participate more in his children’s lives, but added that the actress should just let go of her past feelings.
“She should let go. If she is happy, her children would be able to grow up in a healthy environment,” said Mani.
In related news, the actress has recently returned to Singapore to care for her sons.
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