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The mass nude photos leak of famous celebrities; an event the Internet calls, ‘The Fappening’ has thus far involved female stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton and more.

Then there was that recent second coming of the ‘Fappening’, and now, rumours have been buzzing that it isn’t going to stop just there.

New reports have emerged that a third round of leak is expected to happen soon, but this time the target will be male celebrities instead.

TMZ reported that many young male celebrities are now scared and worried that they will be the next victims of the privacy violation.

According to TMZ, one unidentified male celebrity who claimed to have been hacked last year even contacted all of his friends, former lovers and co-workers to warn them that they may be phishing targets. Phishing is a tactic used to lure Internet users into revealing personal details on a fake web page or email form pretending to come from a legitimate company.

It is reported that a number of celebrities have started changing their passwords on a weekly basis and some even have iPhones that are not connected to iCloud, despite Apple’s denial that the iCloud and Find My iPhone Apps have anything to do with the original hacking.

Apparently, one of the members of the British boy band One Direction, Liam Payne had also fallen prey to the massive leak of nude photos over the weekend along with Kardashian, Hudgens and others. The photo showed an explicit image of a man which some identified as Payne sitting on a bed with another man, MTV reported.

Apart from targeting male celebrities, it is alleged that “Harry Potter” actress Emma Watson will also be the next victim of ‘The Fappening 3’.

Users of the imageboard website, 4Chan, had even created a countdown site called “Emma You Are Next” that hints the release of leaked nude photos of actress Emma Watson within the next few days.

Screenshot of the countdown site.