While many artistes admit to have not been close to Stephen Chow or even know him personally, and others stress their dislike of him, Chinese actress Kitty Zhang has nothing but praises for the actor.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actress, who appeared at the New York Fashion Week recently, disclosed that Stephen was nothing but nice to her and took good care of her during their collaboration on “CJ7” back in 2008.

“Stephen is a genius who has his own character. He is serious at work and with his actors,” said Kitty.
The actress, who made her acting debut through the extra-terrestrial comedy, also said that the actor-turned-filmmaker is not as bad as others think and that a lot of people just misunderstand him.
Meanwhile, Hong Kong director Wilson Chin, who is currently working with Stephen as the casting director of his new movie “Mermaid”, was all smiles when asked if the director is abusive towards him.
“No one abused me,” said Wilson.