Despite his plans to get married before turning 36 in January next year, Jay Chou reportedly has not been making any preparations for his big day, and instead, has been helping his young future wife Hannah Quinlivan to release her debut single.

According to On CC News, the model-turned-actress allegedly had started recording her song, composed by the famed singer-producer himself, and had also filmed her music video, which will be released in October.

Coincidentally, Jay’s ex-girlfriend and pop diva Jolin Tsai will also be releasing her new album in the same month.
Reportedly, Jay decided to help his girlfriend after finding out via reporters that the model has a passion for singing and dancing.
In an interview previously, Hannah stated, “I like to sing for fun. My friends and I would go to Karaoke and sing. Jay never heard me sang before. I never dared to sing in front of him or ask him to teach me.”
Meanwhile, when asked to comment about Hannah’s single release coinciding with Jolin’s own album, the latter’s manager stated that they are not worried about the competition.
“More newcomers in the industry are good for the fans. Jolin will only focus on her own work,” said the singer’s manager.