Apple fans have been waiting for the release of the new generation of iPhone as well as the arrival of the much anticipated smartwatch. They might not have to wait that much longer.

That’s right, Apple is launching its new iPhone 6 next week! That is not all, the icing on the cake here is it will be along with the long-awaited accompanying accessory – the iWatch.

Just a little heads up, if you don’t have deep pockets, maybe save up till you have enough for iPhone 7 and iWatch 2.
Apple’s new wearable device might debut with the sky-high price of USD 400. That’s like buying a Tissot – though with the added advantage of being a tiny computer.
While it is confirmed that the new product launching will take place on 9 September 2014, it is however still undetermined when the actual release date for both new gadgets will be. It is predicted that the new iPhone will be released sooner than iWatch, especially as of now there are still no “leaked” photos of the watch anywhere.
What are the things to look forward to with these new gizmos? Well, iPhone 6 reportedly will have bigger screens and iOS8. Meanwhile iWatch will purportedly be bundled with a health platform which allows iPhone users to use it to monitor their health and fitness.
Japanese newspaper Nikkei releases a photo of the iPhone 6 mock-ups
which are rumoured to be similar to the final iPhone 6 design.
Get ready for the health platform on iPhone 6 to be
your mini doctor on-the-go. (Photo credit: iMore)
An impressive iPhone 6 mock-up that even runs iOS 7. (Photo credit: Nowherelse.fr)
iPhone 6 will have increased screen size compared to current iPhones.
iPhone 6 rumoured to be longer and thinner.
Is this how iWatch will look like?
Or maybe this is more realistic?