Earlier this month, Janis Powers posted a blog on Huffington Post, but recently, it has been attracting a good deal of attention especially from Malaysians – the residents of the country that particular blog post was focused on.

“How the Malaysians Used a Skyscraper to Fool the World” says the blog title in bold. Needless to say the content of the blog post has ruffled the feathers of Malaysians, who only recently celebrated their nation’s Independence Day as well as Malaysia Day.

The article was written based on the blogger’s one day travel to Malaysia. It is sufficient to say she was not impressed by the train system in Malaysia, nor was she impressed by the country’s educational system, comparing it to her home country America’s often criticised healthcare system.  
The train system that has the blogger griping of its inefficiency. 
The New Yorker, currently residing in Texas, also shared her view on the Petronas Twin Towers and Malaysia Airlines, the latter which has been plagued with controversies and tragedies since early this year.
Many Malaysians have taken to Facebook and other social media networks to defend their country and voice out their disagreement with the author’s point of view. As the observation was made in just one short trip, many are saying she is only seeing things from a skewed perspective. Her generalizing the nation with just a trip to the capital city, without visiting any other parts of the country – be it urban or rural – is also making the nation see red. 
Some Malaysians living abroad, specifically in America, retort that the train system in the latter is not that much more advanced than what Malaysia currently has.
Expatriates living in Malaysia support the comments made by outraged Malaysians, stating that the country really is not as bad as painted by the blogger.