Everyone who’s grown up watching Disney movies knows princesses are a big deal in most of them. It’s a Disney thing, if you will. And boy is it a moneymaker. Every doll-playing kid out there owns or dreams of owning at least one or two Disney Princess dolls.
Mattel was the toy brand that catered to the masses of Disney Princess-worshipping crowd – but now no more.

No, no, the Disney dolls are not getting kicked out of the line. Why would Mattel do that when its “Frozen”–themed Barbies made them quite the big bucks? They are, however, going to start being sold under yet another big name in the toy industry, Hasbro.

Yes, Disney has moved its Princess dolls’ rights from Mattel to Hasbro.
Elsa: “Mattel, let it go.”
Mattel has a big wedge of the cake when it comes to monopolizing the girls’ market, seeing that it houses the ever-famous Barbie as well as properties like “Ever After High” and “Monster High”, though Hasbro is not much lacking in that field either as it has its “My Little Pony” toys which are well-loved by the franchise’s fans.
Variety reports that Disney has given Hasbro the rights to the Disney Princesses merchandise, tied to characters such as “Cinderella” and “The Little Mermaid”. It’s not just dolls Hasbro will be displaying on its shelves, it has also nabbed the rights to sell clothing and accessories for the dolls.
After obtaining global rights, with the exception of Japan, Hasbro can also now develop dolls based on Disney’s hit movie “Frozen”. Mini versions of Elsa and Anna, the “Frozen” royalties, will definitely give a big boost to Hasbro’s sales.
Hasbro currently already has toy deals with Disney based on Marvel’s superheroes and “Star Wars”.