Recently, news of Emma Watson’s nude photo leak threat have been making the rounds on the internet. It even had a countdown site called “Emma You Are Next”, made by a 4Chan user.
The most recent update to this threat is that it’s all just a hoax!

So we can all let go of that breath we’ve been holding people – either in fury or anticipation, let it go.

The threat, made after Watson’s powerful speech of gender equality at the United Nations, turns out to be a marketing scheme aimed at shutting down 4Chan, the imageboard website that hosted the leaked photos of various female celebrities.
Earlier today, it is revealed that the website was not made by a 4Chan user as alleged, but by Rantic Marketing. The countdown has been removed and replaced by the logo “Shut down 4Chan”, The Guardian reports.
Watson speaking at United Nations for her #HeForShe campaign.
The site now claims that it fully supports the actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador in her #HeForShe campaign, and that they want to shut down 4Chan in order to avenge the female celebrities whose compromising photos have been leaked there. There is even a letter on the website addressed to President Barack Obama, calling for 4Chan to be shut down.
Rantic Marketing claims it made the threat after being hired by “celebrity publicists” to shut down 4Chan. 
However, upon closer inspection, Rantic turns out to be a fake company, made by a group called “SocialVevo” or “Swenzy”, notorious for its love of creating fake websites in order to gain financial profit.
Some of the fake websites previously created by the group was an announcement about Brian, the dog on the animated sitcom “Family Guy”, and of NASA countdown promising “the biggest discovery that will shake the earth”.