Universal International’s CEO Daneil Lam, whose company invested in Stephen Chow’s “Shaolin Soccer” back in the early noughties, indirectly denied that he had been threatened by Hong Kong film boss Charles Heung before, Oriental Daily reported.

Previously, a controversial article written by a self-proclaimed old fan of the actor-director has infuriated China Star founder Charles Heung, as it stated that the movie mogul once threatened other film studios from investing in the actor’s project, allegedly saying that they will be Heung’s enemy by doing so.

However, Daneil Lam revealed that while he has heard the rumour, he never asked Stephen himself about it.
“I heard from friends, but I never asked him myself. Anybody who has worked with him would know the kind of person he really is,” said Lam.
The Universal International boss, who is still in an ongoing contractual dispute with his former resident artiste, Elanne Kong, also took a jab at the actor-director. “He is really selfish and would not care about other people’s feeling at work. You will not be considered a good friend, or even an ordinary friend by him.”
Stephen Chow has yet to respond to the controversy.
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