Joan Alexandra Rosenberg née Molinsky, or more popularly recognized as Joan Rivers, has passed away at the age of 81 on 4 September 2014, ABC News reported.

Rivers was undergoing a throat surgery when her heart suddenly stopped beating. The comedienne’s family feared for her condition as she fell into a coma and had to remain hospitalised. Unfortunately the razor-witted TV host never woken from the week-long coma, she died at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital – “surrounded by family and close friends”, daughter Melissa Rivers said in a written statement.

Rivers was arguably best known as one of the hosts of Fashion Police. Known for her sharp fashion sense and equally sharp tongue, Rivers was never one to hide her thoughts. Bad dressed celebrities in Hollywood had tasted the fashion critic’s sting, not one fashion crime ever escaping her attention.
News of her death has shocked the world and condolences are pouring in from celebrities who have thought fondly of the comedienne.
And since Rivers never made her love of plastic surgery a secret, you can bet these condolences don’t sound like the ones you usually come across in newspapers obituaries. Take a look at some of these tweets attributed to the woman greatly hailed as the pioneer for women comedians:
One of Lena Dunham’s tweets for the legendary comedienne.

Anna Kendrick will miss Rivers calling her out for wearing ugly frocks.

Katy Perry bemoans the razor-tongued critic’s passing.

Alexa Chung is just one of the many who will miss Rivers’ wits.

Jim Roberts knows Rivers would’ve loved this tweet.

Frank Bruni, knowing the fashionista will remain fashion-forward even beyond.

Judah Friedlander praises the pioneer’s documentary.

Dan Savage poking fun at something Rivers would’ve done herself.

Joan Rivers detailing her dream funeral in her book “I Hate Everyone…Starting with Me.”