While fans celebrate the reunion between Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse, new reports surfaced saying that the latter’s ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung, wasn’t too happy about it.

According to HK Channel, despite assurance from the actress’s manager that she is fine, China Star producer and Charles Heung’s wife Tiffany Chen recently disclosed that she has talked to the actress, who was supposedly upset with the news.

“She was crying when I talked to her,” said Mrs. Heung, via telephone interview. “I asked her if she still had feelings for Nicholas, but she said no.”
The producer stated that Cecilia was sad for her two children, Lucas and Quintus, as their father rarely spends time with them.
“This year, their father spent very little time with them. Cecilia always welcomed him to visit their sons, but he always told her that he’s too busy with work,” said Mrs. Heung.
“She said that this man is not worth loving anymore,” she added.
The producer admitted that she pities the actress for her many mistakes in love life and career, thus cast her as the deity Nezha in the upcoming film “Gods of Honour”.
(Photo credit: jaynestars.com)