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While fans are raving over the supposed reconciliation between former lovebirds Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong, it was reported that the actor’s ex-wife, actress Cecilia Cheung, has recently been admitted to the hospital.

As reported on Hong Kong’s On CC News, the 34-year-old actress has been on saline drip for days, after being diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis while filming “She’s My Family”.

News of Cecilia’s hospitalisation sparked speculations that the actress was devastated with the recent reports of Nicholas’ reconciliation with Faye Wong, whom he dated on-and-off back in the early noughties when she was 30 and he was 19.
When asked for a response, Cecilia’s manager admitted that the actress received treatment for gastroenteritis, but has already proceeded with filming at the mountainous regions of Yunnan after only two days of rest.
However, her manager stressed that her condition has nothing to do with Nicholas’ rekindled romance. “After Nicholas and Cecilia separated, they maintained parental relationship because of their sons. She is in good condition, so don’t worry about her.”
(Photo Credit: HK.On.Cc)