All you aspiring animators and game designers – especially the ones still studying to be one– you’re in for a real treat this September!

Teesside University is holding its annual animation and computer games festival outside of U.K. for the first time ever, and Malaysia has been bestowed the honour to host its first ever Animex South East Asia 2014. [Photo: Animex South East Asia 2014 Facebook]

To be held at KDU University College, Damansara Jaya, from 27 to 28 September 2014, there will be various activities for participants to take part in.
Featured activities include an industry showcase exhibition, networking opportunities, and talks and masterclasses where participants will get to gain advice and knowledge from the crème de la crème of the animation and gaming industry.
Among the big names that will be the guest speakers at the event are Ed Hooks, Alex Trowers and Jennifer Clixby. Hooks is the author of “Acting for Animators and Acting in Animation: A Look at 12 Films” and have taught for Disney on three continents. Trowers is a game designer with an impressive resume that includes his works on Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper, CSR Racing and Glyph Quest – to name a few. Clixby, meanwhile, is a producer on Microsoft Lionhead’s Fable series.
Those who are interested in taking part in the event may visit Animex website or Animex South East Asia 2014 Facebook page for info on ticket purchase.
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