It was reported that Angie Chai, TV producer and manager of controversial actor Kai Ko, has recently been banned from leaving China on suspicion of criminal offences.

As reported on Sina News, previously on 25 September, a gossip blogger posted a series of photos of the CEO of Comic Ritz International Production and one of her manager Lu Xiaojia’s travelling documents, which have been officially sealed by the People’s Procuratorate of Jilin Province.

The ban sparked numerous speculations about the “Meteor Garden” producer, including one about a bribery scandal that involves the country’s main state broadcaster, Chinese Central Television.
Meanwhile, a representative of the company dismissed the rumours as nonsensical, while its Beijing branch said that they have not heard about the news at all. 
On the other hand, the Chinese authorities have recently verified that the Taiwanese producer will be barred from leaving China should she enter the country due to suspicion of criminal activity.
Chai, who is currently in Malaysia, stated that she has not been informed about the matter from the Chinese authorities and slammed the rumours of bribery as plain mockery.
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