Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau recently expressed his respect for China Star’s boss Charles Heung and wife Tiffany Chen, and would go against anybody who tries to hurt them.

According to Tencent Entertainment, the actor reportedly made the response in reference to the hullaballoo triggered by an article about Stephen Chow that was published online recently.

The article alleged that the comedy actor-turned-director’s application to migrate to Canada was turned down twice due to his association with Charles Heung, who reportedly has ties with the mob.
It also alleged that the movie mogul has threatened other investors not to collaborate with Stephen while he was working on “Shaolin Soccer”.
However, Andy was recently reported to have stepped up to dismiss the allegation.
The actor stressed that both Charles Heung and his wife are the best employers in the world and that he will not hesitate to defend them if necessary.
According to Tiffany, the “Blind Detective” star and the “Journey to the West” director were not the best of friends.
“He said that he is not friends with Stephen before, now, or even in the future,” she said.
Reportedly, Andy was unhappy that the director, who would ask for a filming fee of HKD 20 million (approximately USD 2.58 million), wanted to pay him only HKD 1.2 million (USD 154,833) to star in his movie.
Meanwhile, both Johnnie To and Wong Jing slammed Stephen for his selfishness, saying that though the “CJ7” director is talented, he has not improved the work of Hong Kong films.
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