As Independence Day inches nearer, our TVs constantly play some of the most patriotic commercials, which are full of love for the country and can be interpreted in many ways.

The meaning of independence can be seen in a wide scope and is not concentrated on merely celebrating the day.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest commercials as well as ones produced several years prior. It cannot be denied that the commercials by Petronas penetrate mind and heart the most, and are still remembered even to this day.

1. Remembering the past     

      The latest commercial from Petronas celebrates our nation’s 57th year of independence by taking us through the years, starting from the first Merdeka era until now. It moves us to reminisce of the ways we spent celebrating Merdeka when we were younger.

2. Tan Hong Ming

       This commercial for the year 2009’s Independence Day, which tells the story of Tan Hon Ming and Umi, is still loved by all because of their adorable antics. The children’s nonchalant and honest acting strengthens the commercial’s storyline.

3. Father’s motorcycle

      The theme “education is important for future success” is this commercial’s strength. It also pushes the message of not asking our parents for things beyond their limits, and never forgetting their deeds in bringing us up once we have achieved success in life. Famous director, Afdlin Shauki, acts in this commercial which was aired in 2008.

4. Old car
      Invention competitions in school make the students more competitive and creative. However, a good behaviour as well as respect for elders should not be forgotten in order to be a well-rounded person. Those are the moral values instilled in this commercial entitled “Old Car”.

5. Special shoes
      This commercial tells the story of an individual with only one leg, who later achieves success in life despite his handicap. Physical disability should never be an excuse for anyone to just sit around expecting help from others and to completely give up on life.

6. Circumcision 
      Circumcision is the norm for Muslim boys. However, the director of the commercial, the late Yasmin Ahmad, brought this ceremony that is concentrated on one religion to a wider scope in order to encompass the meaning of independence and unity of races in Malaysia.