Following the tragedy in Kaohsiung, Taiwan where a gas pipeline exploded and ripped apart several roads, killing at least 26 people while injuring 269 others, many individuals and organisations have come forward to give financial aid, including Taiwan’s very own celebrities.
As reported on Mingpao News, among stars who donated to the social relief fund to help victims of the tragedy include rock band, Mayday, whose members are also the ambassadors of Kaohsiung City for the past three years.
The members reportedly donated NTD 5 million (approximately USD 166,639) to the social relief effort and an additional NTD 15 million (approximately USD 499,917) from their Taipei “Just Love It” charity concert, which was coincidentally held the same night the explosion occurred.
On their official Facebook page, Mayday urged residents who live near the explosion to evacuate as soon as possible and to take care of their own safety.
In addition to Mayday, the band’s label mate, Della, also donated NTD 969,000 (approximately USD 32,295) while singer-actor Peter Ho, who is currently overseas, contributed NTD 1 million (approximately USD 33,327) for the relief efforts.