Aside from model-actress Lynn Hung, another car enthusiast, Ruco Chan, will be joining the international race competition in Malaysia on 15 August.

According to Hong Kong’s On CC News, the 37 year-old actor, who attended the Hong Kong Aviation Club’s Greater China Cup ceremony in Kowloon City recently, revealed that he has been training in Guangzhou for a month and has already obtained his racing license in preparation for the big event.

Ruco will be racing with the Lotus team, though he declined to reveal the actual amount he earned by signing with them. He instead revealed that Lotus bought him insurance worth millions of dollars.
Asked if he is anxious about the possibility of being involved in an accident, Ruco admitted of having difficulties controlling his car while making turns but is convinced that racing isn’t dangerous as long as a racer has basic knowledge about the sport and follows the rules. 
Ruco also revealed that his biggest wish is to finish the race and hopes that his friends in Malaysia will come and support him.