Speaking of Michael Jackson (referring to his music video debut on Twitter recently), guess who has beaten the King of Pop’s record on the Billboard top 100 hits?

Here’s a clue: Can’t you hear that boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom, bass?
Yes, it’s Nicki Minaj!
The American rapper/singer well known for her quirky fashion sense – and *ehem* assets – currently has 51 Hot 100 hits whereas Jackson has 50. Her latest single “Anaconda” marks her 20th hit on the chart as a lead artist. The “Super Bass” singer has less songs as a lead and more as a featured credit compared to Michael Jackson’s lead or co-lead position in all his 50 hits.

But 51 is still one number bigger than 50, so…

Here’s what Minaj has to say about her record-breaking achievement: “Made history today”.
Okay, fine, there’s more. She posted on her Instagram that she didn’t even know she “was tied with Michael Jackson with 50 Hot 100 entries on Billboard. Anaconda makes 51 and now I’m tied with Rod Stewart. God bless, and thank you.”

Alas, if only the King of Pop had taken part in Rockwell‘s “Somebody’s Watching Me” or Diana Ross‘s “Eaten Alive”, Minaj would have needed two more hits to break even with the legend.

Still, the charts have spoken. Let us enjoy then one of Minaj’s most covered song, “Super Bass”: