Following the tragedies that have befallen Malaysia National Airlines (MAS) this year, the airline company could definitely use a little cheer or two on their current crestfallen state.

MAS gives a boost to its own morale as well as to the whole nation’s by uploading a film that delivers the message of encouraging everyone to stay strong. It is also done in the spirit of celebrating the nation’s 57th Independence Day.
The short film is appropriately titled: “TERBANG, A Malaysian story – #flyinghigh”.

Directed by Linus Chung and written by Mohd Hisham Saleh, the short film tells the story of a young boy named Ahmad who dreams of flying high. It was uploaded onto MAS’ YouTube channel two days prior and to date have garnered a total of more than 100 thousand views – and counting.
Malaysian songstress Yuna also lends her vocals for the soundtrack, “Langit”.
This 31st August, Malaysians will be shouting “Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!” as the whole nation celebrates the 57th Independence Day. Other than the customary call of independence, Merdeka is also celebrated with meaningful and touching commercials cum short films.
Below are commercials from previous years that illustrate just how beautiful and strong Malaysia is as a united nation: