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Action star Jackie Chan expressed his deepest apology to the public over his son’s recent drug arrest.

As reported on GMA Network, the actor-producer, who just recently arrived in Beijing from his series of promotions in the Europe, turned to Weibo on 20 August and expressed his anger and surprise over the turn of events.

Thanking friends for their concern, Jackie wrote, “I am angry and shocked that Jaycee would do such a thing.”
“As a public figure, I feel ashamed. As a parent, I am heartbroken. His mother, even more so. I hope all teenagers will learn from Jaycee’s experience and stay away from drugs.”
The actor, however, blamed himself for his son’s misdeeds. “I must also take responsibility and in Jaycee’s name, take a deep bow and apologise to the public.”
Jackie also wrote another message directed to Jaycee, saying that the two of them would face the future together.