Following Jaycee Chan’s recent arrest for drug abuse, speculations have arisen as to what his father, Jackie Chan, would do.

According to Mingpao News, the actor, who was the ambassador of China’s National Narcotics Control Commission Office in 2009, had once said that he hates drugs the most and that his father had warned him not to abuse drugs if he enters showbiz.

Jackie also stated that drugs will ruin an artiste’s future and that he will not hesitate to send anybody to rehab if they’re found abusing the substance, even if the person is his own son.
In an interview at a charity show last year, the “CZ12” star also stressed that he would never practice favouritism.
“If my son follows the wrong path and violates the law, I will call the police and send him to prison myself,” said the actor at the time. 
Meanwhile, Jackie, who has arrived in Beijing on 18 August, is expected to see his son soon.