There has been quite a buzz generated by Netizens (at least locally), when half-naked photos of a couple in the midst of a wedding photoshoot emerged online today.

According to MyMediaHub Online, the wedding photo shoot that took place in Ipoh, Malaysia this afternoon shows a Chinese man and a woman – quite peculiarly both in the least amount of clothing imaginable for an occasion that calls for a holy union – walking in the middle of the streets of Ipoh.

The ‘groom’ is seen topless and is clad only in black pants, while the ‘bride’ is only wearing a white pair of bra and panties decorated with beads with a white veil.

The couple in question are discovered to be not an actual real couple, but models who are in the midst of a commercial shoot.

Not long after the photos emerged on Facebook, Netizens had discovered and pointed out the Facebook page of the female model who apparently goes by the name, Joey Joeyy.

With a mix of online comments ranging from positive to negative remarks, It is unclear if the persons involved may be charged for public indecency.

See the photos of the shoot below:

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Photo taken from MyMediaHub Online.
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Photo taken from MyMediaHub Online.

Netizens discovered the Facebook profile of the female model, Joey Joeyy and here is how she looks like (photo taken from Joey Joeyy’s Facebook):