Nonsensical and “brilliantly” penned songs strike again. Looks like nobody ever told Patrice Wilson he should give up his dreams of being World’s Greatest Lyricist – seeing that he writes lyrics like a three-year-old learning how to string proper sentences together for the first time.

No, the three-year-old would do better.
Here’s a sample from his latest masterpiece, “Cupcakes”, sung by YouTuber Gina Naomi Baez: “Give me one of those cupcakes / Give me one of those cupcakes / With the sprinkles on top / With the sprinkles on top” (repeat for an eternity).
What possessed Baez to even sing this song will forever be a mystery. Back in January, she uploaded on her YouTube channel a video of her doing a cover of the famous “Frozen” soundtrack that everybody who’s anybody has covered, “Let It Go”. Viewers were finally pouring in, complimenting her for her voice and potentials.
And then this happens:

Well, that escalated quickly.
To honour this release, why don’t we enjoy the song that started it all (and ruined a great day), “Friday”? After that we’ll follow up with the next mind-numbing number that ruins another great day, “It’s Thanksgiving”, before we finish off with borderline offensive “Chinese Food”.

And we have successfully given these masterpieces more views.
If these girls had real dreams of someday becoming singers people can actually take seriously…well, maybe Patrice Wilson should write them a song telling them that will never happen. His lyrics should be easy enough for them to understand.
To Gina Naomi Baez, hopefully the world will erase “Cupcakes” from their minds and try to remember you as the girl who beautifully sang this: