After only a day of release on YouTube, Elva Hsiao’s latest music video “Shut up and Kiss Me” reportedly has succeeded in breaking 1 million views, a feat that even divas such as A-Mei and Jolin Tsai were unable to achieve, according to Taiwan’s Apple Daily.

However, it also sparked suspicions from Netizens, who stated that even hit songs such as “The Great Artist” and “So Do You Still Love Me” only managed to do so in one to two weeks time.
Many believed that the YouTube view counts, which are now over 1.7 million, were manipulated by the record company. 
To this, Elva’s recording label Sony clarified, “In order for us to meet the advent of digital technology, we had a huge budget for the advertising on the internet to get more attention. We are also pleasantly surprised by the number.”
Sony stated that they splurged over NTD 4 million (approximately USD 133,333) to advertise Elva’s new music video.