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We bet that when you read the article’s title, you immediately thought of Japan, the Land of the Vending Machines, didn’t you? However, it is not only Japan that has some of the weirdest stuff ever invented, and we bring you a list of dessert vending machines that you wouldn’t believe exist. And just when you thought that desserts couldn’t be served any faster.

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Canned Bread Vending Machine

Why can’t folks in Japan eat bread any regular people, which is to buy them at convenience stores, beats us. Weird yet endearing at the same time, for around USD 4 you can get a can of bread consisting of flavours such as chocolate chip, coffee, and fruit.

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Pecan Pie Vending Machine

This vending machine can be found in Cedar Creek, Texas. It dispenses baked pecan pie and pecan nuts from Berdoll Pecan Farm for USD 17.50 right outside Berdoll Pecan Farm’s retail store.

Macaron Vending Machine

In Japan, there is actually a vending machine that dispenses macarons, although consumers have reported that the macarons ended up broken, perhaps caused by the machine dropping the package into the slot below. For 400 yen, the machine dispenses a glass jar containing two random macaron flavours.

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Cotton Candy Vending Machine

For USD 2 and a minute of your time, you can buy cotton candy from the Intermatic cotton candy machine in the U.S. The whole process is also transparent from start to finish, and boasts a variety of sugar colours and flavours, replacing the need to wait for the fun fair or carnival to be in town!

Cupcake Vending Machine

If you love cupcakes, quick, move to Beverly Hills or Chicago or Dallas, because that’s where Sprinkles Cupcake ATMs are located (there are only three in the world!), and they are open 24 hours a day so no store closing hours will separate you from your cupcake fetish! The ATMs hold about 400 cupcakes and are restocked three times a day. To buy, just insert your credit card, select the flavour you want and for USD 4, the cupcakes exit the ATM in to-go boxes.

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Ice Cream Vending Machine

In Port Columbus Airport, you can buy gourmet ice cream by the local company Jeni’s Ice Creams in vending machines. Each machine stocks 12 different flavors (6 cups, 6 sandwiches) and cost USD 5 per cup or sandwich. Some of their signature flavours are “Brambleberry Crisp”, “Riesling Poached Pear” and “Queen City Cayenne”.