Standing at 173 centimeters tall, Amber’s sharp features and pouty lips propelled her to model stardom at the tender age of seventeen. Having been in the business for 16 years, Amber is more than knowledgeable of the industry and more. 

Amber Chia proves she is more than just a pretty face as she conquers the fields of not only modelling but also writing and acting.

Having acted in various local films such as “Possessed” and “Hantu Gangster”, the model-turn-author/actress is still far from satisfied. She is ready to take on another challenge – that is to act in a Malay film.
Amber is disappointed that so far she has not received any acting offer from Malay directors. However, she is adamant to score herself that deal. As reported on Kosmo!, the multi-talented model said, “I have never received an offer from any Malay director to star in their films. I hope that one day a Malay director will offer me a role.”
Admitting her lack of skills in Malay, Amber said that her skills with the language had been improving over the years. She revealed that she had never taken any classes for it but as she kept interacting with her friends using the nation’s mother tongue, she gradually had gotten better at speaking it.