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The final week of World Cup is here and it is down to Argentina and Germany. So, which side are you on? The European or the South American country? Which of these two countries is going to be the reigning champion and claim the World Cup trophy? Get ready to place your bets because it is going to be a tough match!

But before that, let’s have a quick recap of some of the best World Cup moments of 2014.

1. The flying Dutchman

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It is definitely one of the greatest goals in World Cup history. During the match between Netherlands and Spain, Robin Van Persie magnificently head-butted the ball into the goal which crushed the Spaniards’ spirits and eventually led Netherlands to its victory.

2. Messi’s winning shot against Bosnia and Iran

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At first, Lionel Messi received low expectations from the spectators and fans due to his bad performance in 2006 and 2010 World Cup. However, the Argentine hero prove everybody wrong when he scored magical goals against the match in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iran

3. Suarez’s bite attack!


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What could be worse than Suarez’s bites? Nothing. The Uruguayan cannibal player has a tendency of biting other players to express his frustrations during his match. Although, his action caused him to be kicked out of the match, it is definitely a noteworthy moments that everyone will remember.

4. Dempsey’s 29 seconds goal

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One of the fastest goals scored in World Cup history. Clint Dempsey managed to strike an impressive and precise goal within 30 seconds during his match with Ghana. According to World Soccer Talk, Clint Dempsey’s was the fifth fastest to be scored in World Cup history.

5. Howard 16 saves against Belgium




U.S player, Tim Howard amazingly blocked sixteen balls from Belgium, giving U.S team extra time for the match. His saves set a new World Cup record which astounded FIFA and all the viewers.